Amanda Goble mermaid in Peter Pan

Aerial/Movement Teacher & Director

Known for my precise and enthusiastic teaching style, I have taught at schools including:  Boston University, The New England Center for Circus Arts, SHOW Circus Studio (Assistant Executive Director/Coach), Luminzstudio (Resident Artist), Aircraft Aerial Arts, Westchester Circus Arts, and Body & Pole. A certified Pilates instructor and former fitness instructor, I owned Equilibrium Pilates for three years.

I combine strong technique, an intuitive artistic sensibility, and a keen eye for alignment. My experience is varied, including circus, dance, Laban, Pilates, fitness, acting, clown, and improv. I’m interested in nurturing both technical understanding and unique individual creativity, working on instruction, choreography, direction, and act/show development. Always honing my approach to the art and science of teaching, I have also trained current teachers.

Private Coaching

Available at multiple locations throughout NYC – and beyond – for private and semi-private lessons, workshops, coaching, and consulting in aerial (silks, trapeze, sling, hoop, rope) technique, aerial skill-building, aerial act creation and polishing, Pilates, conditioning, stretching, movement awareness, physical acting and presence, and teacher training.

Have a gym or movement space in your business or residence? Interested in bringing a workshop or training to your school? I can come there too.

Class Schedule

New class times are added to the schedule often, check back for updates.

September 2017

Classes at Body & Pole, NYC:
If class is full, sign up for the waiting list. Spaces open often.

  • Fri 9/22, 12:00-1:15p:  Hoop 1
  • Sat 9/23, 12:15-1:30p:  Intro Silks
  • Sat 9/23, 1:45-3:00p:  Intro Hoop
  • Tues 9/26, 7:45-9:00p:  Intro Hoop
  • Weds 9/27, 1:30-2:45p:  Intro Silks
  • Sat 9/30, 4:45-6:00p:  Intro Hoop
  • Sat 9/30, 6:15-7:30p:  Hoop 1

October 2017

Classes at Body & Pole, NYC:
If class is full, sign up for the waiting list. Spaces open often.

  • Tues 10/3, 6:16-7:30p:  Hoop 1
  • Tues 10/3, 7:45-9:00p:  Intro Hoop
  • Weds 10/4, 12:00-1:15p:  Intro Silks
  • Sat 10/7, 12:15-1:30p:  Intro Silks
  • Sat 10/7, 1:45-3:00p:  Intro Hoop
  • Mon 10/09, 6:15-7:30p:  Silks 1
  • Mon 10/09, 7:45-9:00p:  Intro Silks
  • Tues 10/10, 7:45-9:00p:  Intro Hoop
  • Weds 10/11, 1:30-2:45p:  Intro Silks
  • Tues 10/17, 7:45-9:00p:  Intro Hoop
  • Weds 10/18, 1:30-2:45p:  Intro Silks
  • Tues 10/24, 7:45-9:00p:  Intro Hoop
  • Weds 10/25, 1:30-2:45p:  Intro Silks
  • Thur 10/26, 12:00-1:30p:  Silks 2
  • Thur 10/26, 1:45p-3:15p:  Hoop 2
  • Fri 10/27, 12:00-1:15p:  Hoop 1
  • Mon 10/30, 12:00-1:15p:  Silks 1
  • Tues 10/31, 7:45-9:00p:  Intro Hoop

Teaching Testimonials

Amanda is a clear and detailed instructor with a commitment to both technical precision and soulful performance. As an instructor, Amanda Goble offers a clear, compelling voice that helps students develop precision and efficiency in their aerial movement. As a choreographer and consultant, she brings a genuine enthusiasm for the creative process and the ability to guide artists in composing new work with both inspiration and meaning.
Teresa Kochis, Aerial Artist & owner of Overhead Aerial Arts

Amanda is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. Not only can she look at the skill as a whole, but she breaks it down into its mechanics that make the trick possible. Along with her obvious high skill level, Amanda is great at cleaning up any trick or act. Whenever I created an act this year I always turned to Amanda for help. Amanda’s extensive knowledge and charming personality makes it a pleasure to learn from her.
Doug Stewart, founder of Cirque Us!

Amanda balances a sharp eye for technique with strong encouragement for the development of personal style and expression in her students. In her classes I felt like not only was I learning skills but artistry as well. I could always take her advice and immediately improve my work with far better understanding. Most importantly though, she is a passionate teacher with tremendous investment in the growth of her students.
Rebecca Rorick Smith, Tango Teacher (USA/Berlin)

Amanda’s emphasis on technique gave me the basic core skills that I needed in order to drastically improve my aerial work. I recommend taking Amanda’s classes because she emphasizes the foundational skills that are necessary to making aerial movement beautiful and graceful.
Amy Bond, founder of San Francisco Pole & Dance