Amanda Goble aerial silks

 Movement & Aerial Artist

With experience in theater, dance, circus/aerial performance, and creative movement, I explore physicality in many forms, and seek to evolve clear physical storytelling approaches. An Artistic Associate with Only Child Aerial Theater in NYC, I helped direct their show “Asylum” and consulted on the workshopping of another iteration.  I was one of the founding members of MOTH Aerial Dance, and performed and choreographed as a soloist, as well as a collaborator in duo and ensemble groups, in a variety of disciplines.

Currently, my focus as a performer leans towards roles on the ground, but the right project could set me soaring, and I constantly seek to evolve and expand my physical storytelling skill-set. I’m an adept leader, collaborator, and ensemble member, and move easily between those roles as needed. I’m always interested in taking on new work in physical performance, movement direction, aerial choreography and consultation…

Solo Trapeze

Aerial Sling

Artist Testimonials

Amanda Goble is an inspired performer, lending grace, strength, and a bit of wit to all that she does.
Deena Marcum, Founder, M.O.T.H. Aerial Dance

Amanda is fantastic to work with. She is extremely motivated and has a terrific work-ethic…she has extensive training in a variety of movement forms in addition to her expertise of aerial arts. Amanda is a true professional.
Rain Anya, Co-Artistic Director, Paper Doll Militia

Amanda Goble is a truly talented, driven, and beautiful performer. She is a pleasure to train with, a joy to be taught by, and certainly inspiring to perform alongside. As a performer, I appreciate her drive to connect with her audience each and every time.
Emily Tucker, Aerialist (Montreal, QC)

Amanda has that magic on stage of being able to embody a whole world in one of her gestures. Amanda is an imaginative creator and an extraordinary performer while also being a clean technician. If you have the opportunity to put her on stage, take one of her classes or work with her as a choreographer, then I highly recommend you take that chance.
Aurora Corsano, Director, Luminz Performing Arts Center

Amanda’s aerial performances are strong, emotionally connected and portray a wide range of movement qualities…I have watched acts before and after Amanda’s choreographic help, and there is always a wonderful improvement.
Caroline Wright, Aerialist