Amanda Goble exploring as Rabbit

As a kid I danced, tumbled, sang, and choreographed my friends. In my teens I painted and listened to loud, angry music while dreaming of becoming a comedic lounge singer.  In college I worked as an editor and futon maker, while earning my B.A. in Philosophy. I auditioned for clown college, but became an aerialist instead, immersing myself in movement and physical storytelling. More recently, I’ve studied acting, clown, Shakespeare, improv, sketch…

Currently based in NYC, I spend as much time as possible acting. I can also be found teaching aerial/movement, writing/editing, designing/developing websites, and strategizing web content. I’m always looking for more opportunities to perform, direct, teach, and collaborate. I love my cats, raspberries, and thoroughly cleaning my apartment and then imagining I am a queen in my palace.

I haven’t lived in one city for more than five years since childhood, though NYC is edging on invalidating that statement. The array of jobs I’ve excelled at is wild, wacky, and will likely surprise you. Consider me your ever-faithful guide off and above the beaten path.

If you want stories, I’ve got stories.